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Have you ever wanted to know what a birthmother is thinking?

Or maybe what she would like adoptive families to know?

Now you can by reading the following blogs that are written by birthmothers. These women talk about adoption and they share their heart for their children.

These blogs will help you better understand adoption from a birthmoms point of view. 

1. BirthMom Buds 

This is an organization and website that provides peer counseling, support, encouragement, and friendship to pregnant women considering adoption as well as women who have already placed children for adoption. 

Birthmom Buds was created by two birthmoms, Coley and Lani who found each other shortly after they each gave birth and relinquished a baby into open adoption.

Before finding each other, they wanted to find someone who understood how they were feeling. When they found each other, they became best friends and started Birthmom Buds so other birthmoms can easily connect with each other.  

The site has a newsletter, forums specifically for birthmoms, and a blog. The blog is updated regularly and covers every angle of being a birthmother. Click here to go to their Facebook page.

2. A Birthmother Voice  

This birthmother blog is written by Kelsey Stewart, author of the book “The Best For You” which is a children’s book explaining why one mother chose adoption for her child. She blogs to “tell people my story, my thoughts, my trials, my heartaches, my pride, my joys.”

She has 5 children, 3 of which she has placed for adoption and 2 she is raising with her husband. You can also click here to go to her Facebook page. 

3. Birthmother’s 4 Adoption  Birthmothers4adoption-header

This is a blog created by birthmoms, where you can find adoption stories, resources, and even more birthmom blogs. They even have a page for adoption related gift ideas.  

4. The Happiest Sad

The Happiest Sad is a blog from a birthmother named Jill who had a baby girl she calls ‘Roo’ in July of 2009 and placed her for adoption nine weeks later on the first anniversary of her dad’s death (he had brain cancer).  

She began writing her story around the time she decided to place Roo for adoption. Click here to go to her Facebook page.

5. Blessings in Disguise

This blog is written by a birthmom named Elizabeth. She has been documenting her journey since 2010, writing about living life after choosing an adoption plan for her baby girl. 

You can go back to read her earlier posts when she first began to journal and then switched to her current Blessings in Disguise blog in 2011.

Here’s her description about why she blogs:
“I don’t write for an audience, I write for myself. My blog is public in the hopes that maybe I can help someone else who is going through what I went through. It’s not always pretty, but it’s my therapy. Sometimes it’s positive, sometimes it’s negative, but it’s always real. Children and mothers never truly part, bound together by the beating of one another’s heart.”

“The moment I knew I was pregnant, I promised her innocent little self a beautiful, happy life; a life full of potential and love. At some point, I realized that her biological father and I had no means to guarantee that my promise would be fulfilled, other than love. So, I decided to place her with the most amazing family I could ever have dreamed of for my child.”

I especially enjoyed her post called Things I Wish All Adoptive Parents Knew. The post is a list of things she wishes more adoptive parents would keep in mind, especially after placement.

Number 10 on her list got my attention as she says “we didn’t give our child to you, we gave you to our child.”

What do you think?  What are your favorite blogs written by birthmothers?  Post a comment below – I’d love to hear what you think.

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