How to get quicker connections to birthmothers – and shorten your adoption wait.


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One of the biggest questions that adoptive parents have when beginning the domestic adoption journey is…how long will we have to wait?

Lots of people (my wife and I included) have asked this question – only to get the same answer.  

It depends.

What does this mean? Mostly, your wait to adopt depends on how quickly you can match with a birthmother. Agencies and attorneys try to give an estimate based on their experience, but ultimately there are way too many variables to determine how fast you can match with a birthmother.

I’ve found several ways that you can get quicker birthmother connections and shorten your adoption wait by using online services to get matched faster.  Check these out…  

ParentFinder was created to connect birth parents, waiting families, and agencies. They have profile creation tools including video recording, blogging, photo albums, and social network integration. They have two levels of membership.  

1. Standard level (FREE):  allows you to create a profile and store several photos.  

2. Advanced level ($90 one-time fee):  provides unlimited photos, video recording, journals, social networking integration (YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook), profile flipbooks, and many other features. They support you until you’re matched. ParentFinder is always free to birth parents searching for the perfect adoptive family!

BONUS:  For a free 30 day trial simply select the monthly membership and in the discount block enter the code FREE4YOU. Then continue with your check out. Near the end of your 30 days you wil get a message to renew your membership. You can then continue your monthly membership or upgrade to one of the other memberships.

To see their current waiting families, click here.

Using state-of-the-art technology, ParentFinder provides waiting adoptive parents the ability to create multi-media profiles that birthparents can search and view, and also establishes safe communication with waiting parents.

The profile creation tool is part of their for easy access. Additionally, adoption agencies have the ability to integrate a consolidated view of their waiting families on their agency websites.

ParentProfiles is an independent registry for hopeful adopting parents. By posting a profile on their web site, you make information about yourself and your desire to adopt available to all expectant and placing parents who visit the site.  

ParentProfiles is advertised extensively on some of the most popular adoption web sites, such as,,, and The site is linked to by thousands of web pages and has more visitors than any other independent online adoption registry.

To be eligible:

  • You must be a Husband and Wife couple
  • You must be homestudy approved
  • You cannot live in the states of California, Connecticut, Illinois, New Jersey, or New York
  • You must provide written verification that you are working with a licensed adoption professional in your home state.
  • See their complete eligibility requirements document

To see their current waiting families, click here.

To see some comments from others in the Adoptive Families Circle forum, click here.

Key Features:

  • birthmother letter
  • photo album
  • favorites page
  • journal
  • contact page
  • graphic templates for framing profile
  • e-mail auto-responder
  • audio clip
  • site statistics


Start at $99/month. There is no charge for building a profile, you are only charged after you meet all submission requirements and your profile is activated.

Adoptimist is a place for online adoption connections. They have tools and solutions for faster and easier adoption connections between expectant mothers and qualified adoptive parents. Customize your adoptive parent profile page exactly the way you want it with your latest photos, videos, and blogs. Connect quickly with interested expectant parents.

To be eligible:

  • You must be homestudy approved – providing written proof of your homestudy within two weeks of joining.
  • All single and married couples are eligible.
  • See their frequently asked questions page for more details.

To see their currently waiting families, click here.

Key Features:

  • photo album
  • video album
  • home page
  • blog entries
  • about page
  • diary
  • personal 800 phone number


There are three service plans – each plan increases your exposure to potential birthmothers:

1. Starter Plan:  FREE.  This is a good and economical option for families that want to have a presence on Adoptimist. You’ll be entitled to a free but limited profile. An expectant mother considering adoption may find your page but in terms of visibility on the site, preference is given to families in the paid plans.

2. Featured Plan: $50/month.  You’ll get an expanded profile page with enhanced features such as a custom domain ( and unlimited blog entries. You’ll also appear on the homepage and in other high-traffic areas on the site each time you update your profile. Your placement in these highly-visited and desirable areas will increase your chances of being noticed.

3. Premium Plan: $150/month. In addition to all the benefits of the Featured Plan, you’ll have access to every available tool and service they offer: a robust, unlimited profile, a featured ad placement on the site exclusively for you, and custom ads built for your family that will run across the internet and link directly to your profile page.


What do you think? Enter your comments below – I’d love to hear from you.


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