How to fund your adoption through donation sites

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Here is something you probably already know about domestic infant adoption: it is expensive.

Obvious, right? OK, now here’s something you may not know:  there are lots of ways to fund your adoption – and there are many websites that can make this easy for you.

Money can be (and usually is) a huge roadblock for people like you and me who want to adopt. We get overwhelmed by the cost. I mean, most of us cannot write a big check to adoption professionals so we can start the adoption process.

Something I want you to understand is…you can afford to adopt. You can do this. Others have done it, and you…can…too.

Let’s talk about some great ways that you can set up fundraising for your adoption – especially through donations.

I understand that fundraising isn’t the only way gather the money you need to adopt. It is one of the tools you can use to get where you need to be so money doesn’t keep you from adopting.

Here are 4 of the best online fundraising sites (in my opinion of course) that will help you get donations for your adoption journey.

They partner with over 1,000 retailers including Target, Babies ‘R Us, Walmart,, Forever 21, Priceline, Lowe’s and MANY more who can help you fund your adoption. The Pure Charity Rewards Network lets your friends and family shop online at their favorite retailers and a portion of the purchase price is deposited into their Pure Charity account.

That is money that can then be donated towards your fundraiser. It costs nothing extra!

This is a super easy to use crowd-funding site that will help you get others to donate to your adoption journey. Here’s how it works:
1. Create your site (tell your story).
2. Share with friends – they give you special tools that make it easy.
3. Collect online donations in real-time.
4. Track visits and donations.

Check out their Frequently Asked Questions page and click here to watch the “how it works” video.

One thing different about them – while it’s free to launch your GoFundMe campaign, they have processing fees (about 8%) that are deducted from each payment. Here’s their thoughts on having fees “Other sites may claim to be “100% Free”, but they will charge your donors instead – not cool.”

Check out their Success Stories page to see how others have successfully raised money.

They are a non-profit funding platform helping families raise money to pay for adoption costs.  Once family and friends have made a tax deductible designated gift, they step in with the goal of either matching or exceeding that amount. See how their system works and their Frequently Asked Questions page.

When registering as an adopting family, you complete a brief online profile and upload your adoption homestudy to AdoptTogether. Once confirmed as a prospective adopting family, your profile is made available to generous supporters for encouragement and designated gifts. Check out their blog to see families currently fundraising.

To help pay for adoption expenses, allows individuals to create customizable adoption fundraising pages to get help from friends and family around the world. They have a special page for Adoption Fundraising that helps you get started. See their fundraising tips page for more help.

Unlike many fundraising websites, they do not charge users a percentage of the total funds raised, or any upfront usage fees. They don’t charge donors or demand a credit processing fee. All funds donated will immediately go into the fundraiser’s designated account and are available that day.

There you go – these are some great fundraising options. OK, I know what you are thinking.

“This all sounds great, but I’m not good at fundraising and it just isn’t going to work for me.”

Well, I understand how you feel – and that is OK. You don’t have to be a super-salesperson or even a simple salesperson for these fundraisers to work.

These websites allow you to simply put your story out there so that friends, family, and even folks that don’t know you, will see your desire to adopt. They will better understand how expensive it is, and they will see how to give generously so you can build your family through adoption.

Here’s the deal: People will donate to a great cause.

They love to feel that they are a part of something bigger and starting (or building) your family through adoption is BIG.

So, give it a shot – you may surprise yourself as to how much you can raise for your adoption. For more resources on how to fund your adoption, check out these links:

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Adopt Without Debt: Creative Ways to Cover the Cost of Adoption — A great book by Julie Gumm, a must read.

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