Infant Adoption Resources




  • – an adoption facilitator based out of California that we have personally used to adopt our daughter. Their christian mission is to bring birthmothers and adoptive families together.
  • – this is a non-profit financial assistance grant program providing qualified couples with grants of up to $15,000 towards their adoption expenses.
  • American Academy of Adoption Attorneys – The Academy is the largest and most accessible resource for finding an adoption attorney.
  • – this is the government website that answers adoption questions as they pertain to your state.
  • – This is a site that provides ratings from adoptive families, birthmothers, etc.
  • ICPC (Interstate Compact for the Placement of Children). These are the rules that make sure children are properly placed when adoption occurs between states (eg. the baby is born in a different state than where you live.)
  • – Parents for Ethical Adoption Reform.  Their mission is to provide resources and a voice for adoptive parents.  They have a great PDF printable guide to researching U.S. adoption agencies.
  • NACAC -North American Council on Adoptable Children – focuses on parent education and information sharing along with adoption support.
  • – this is a great system which includes live coaching, on-demand training videos, budget and planning templates, and other great features. It equips adoptive families with the tools they need to create a customized financial plan to fund their adoption.


  • – a website dedicated to connecting expectant mothers with qualified families ready to adopt. Through their innovative marketing tools, they’re making adoption connections easier, faster, and with less hassle than ever before. They also help you create a great adoption profile. 
  • – a unique environment created for birthmothers and hopeful adoptive parents to find each other, establish relationships, and create adoption situations that meet the needs of everyone.
  • For The Love of Alex: A Birthmother’s Story – this is an awesome blog from a birthmother telling her story over several blog posts.
  • – this is a FREE adoption profile listing service. You can also order adoption pass along cards and they can help set you up with a Facebook page.
  • – a place to share your journey to motherhood and to meet others who are on their journey.
  • – a blog by author and adoptive mom, Rachel Garlinghouse (see her book listed above).
  • – a personalized profile creation service from Madeleine Melcher, an adoptive mom and adoptee. 
  • – a profile creation design and creation service who will also send you professionally printed copies of your profile.


  • Adoptive Family Circle – This is one of the best adoption forums on the web. A lot of support and good information from people that are going through the same process as you.
  • Adoption Voices – An adoption social network/forum with options to tweet, read adoption news, and more.

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