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Hello! My name is Tim Elder and I am an adoptive dad. My wife and I have adopted two newborns – our daughter in 2007 and our son in 2012.

Read about our first adoption story and second adoption story.

You can listen to my story too! On episode 12 of the Infant Adoption Guide Podcast, I share all about what we went through to adopt our first two children.

I created InfantAdoptionGuide.com to help guide you on your domestic infant adoption journey.

My mission is to help you:

  • Adopt faster.
  • Adopt with less cost.
  • Adopt with less risk.

I write about adoption resources, inspiring stories, product reviews, agency reviews, and practical how-to information.

This site is full of helpful, hope-filled and inspirational content. So if you are ready to adopt – or even just thinking about adopting – if you have been waiting to build your family and be a mom or dad—then this is the place for you.  

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More About Me…

My wife and I dealt with infertility for many years in our long journey to start a family. I’ll never forget what it’s like to have an empty home when you don’t want one.

After we decided to adopt, we knew pretty quickly that we wanted to adopt a newborn so we chose domestic infant adoption. Like many adoptive couples, we started out totally overwhelmed with all of the adoption information that is out there.

After much research, we found Lifetime Adoption Center, who has helped us on both adoptions and they have been great!   

Now that we’ve been blessed with two very successful adoptions – I want to HELP YOU.  

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What do you want to know about domestic infant adoption?    

I’d love to hear from you – I respond to every email. tim@infantadoptionguide.com. Thanks! God bless.

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