4 Domestic adoption agencies with sliding scale fees

These agencies offer a sliding scale fee structure based on your income or ability to pay.


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Looking for a reputable adoption agency to help you build your family is tough and it can be overwhelming.

Finding one that has fees that fit into your budget can seem impossible. But there is some good news. There are adoption agencies that have sliding scale fees

What is a sliding scale? It is when an agency sets a fee for its services based on your income or ability to pay. 

Sound good? Would that make your adoption journey more affordable? You bet.

Here are 4 adoption agencies that offer sliding scale fees:  

1. Bethany Adoption Agency

Bethany Christian Services - IAG Ad 275x187 to fit in sidebarBethany is one of the nation’s oldest adoption agencies and has locations in most states. You can request a free information packet from them or find out if a free informational meeting is taking place near you.
There is also a FAQ page to help answer some of your initial questions about domestic adoption with Bethany.
They have a sliding scale fee program available in most states, so you will have to contact your local Bethany office to find out more (just click on the locations link above.)

The following links provide some more information and reviews:


2. Premier Adoption Agency  

They are based in Nevada, but work with couples from all over the country. They primarily place newborns. There is a $450 application fee and they spell out their fee structure on the website. The site states specifically that the sliding scale depends on the potential adoptive couples income level, not the ethnicity of the child. The upfront fee of $5,000 is due at the signing of their “Statement of Understanding”. The fee is to retain their services and to get the process started as soon as possible.  

The following links provide some more information and reviews:

State of Nevada (this is not a review, but shows they are a part of the state’s agency listings)


3. Adoption Star 

Adoption Star is a full service non-profit adoption agency licensed in New York, Ohio, and Florida. They specialize in domestic infant adoptions. Their placement fees are based on a sliding fee scale and are based on your gross income.

You can begin with their Getting Started page. They also offer free information packets as well as an online Adoptive Parents Profile form. Adoption Star has a great Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page.

You can find reviews of the agency at:


4. AdoptionsTogether

AdoptionsTogether is an agency based in Washington D.C. area. Their services include domestic infant adoption, and they can either work with you directly if you live in Maryland, Virginia, or Washington D.C., or they provide services that will network with other agencies nationwide.

Their domestic adoption placement fees are on a sliding scale set according to net worth if self employed, or by gross annual income and additional financial information as established at home study. You can download a free information packet. and they offer preparation training for their domestic adoption program. 


While I think it is great that these four agencies provide sliding scale fees, it is not my intent to say they are better than other agencies. I simply want you to use this information to help you make a better decision as to which agency is the best fit for you.  

I recommend checking with a good adoption attorney to make sure a sliding scale fee is legal in your state. You can also check out as they list the laws for each state pertaining to agency fees.

Please do some additional research of any adoption agency you are interested in working with. You can check their references, check online reviews, and do a simple Google search such as “Bethany Adoption reviews”.

Keep in mind that some adoption agencies have offices in many states. To judge them fairly, you should verify the reviews are about the office located in your state.

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  1. Lisa Sweet says:

    Hi Tim,

    We are a facilitator not an agency but we have a sliding scale fee too! Sweet Beginnings Adoptions

  2. Tim says:

    Hi, Lisa! Thank you for letting us know about Sweet Beginnings Adoptions! Glad to hear that you also have sliding scale fees. I will be sure to include you in my upcoming post about adoption facilitators. Thanks! Tim

  3. Ryan Schwab says:

    Thanks for including us Tim, and more importantly for providing this great resource for potential adoptive parents.

  4. Karen says:

    We won’t to adopt I’m unable to have a babe we have done fertility so please please us we can take care of a baby it’s hard to come up with all that money
    Karen and troy
    We also live in Ohio

  5. Bob says:

    Out of curiosity, if you’re on the upper end of the sliding scale, do you get more services, or are you essentially subsidizing other people looking to adopt?

  6. Name (required) says:

    I get social security that’s our only source of income at this time have had guardianship of my grandson for almost 7 years. Mother not contact for 2 years. Father comes and goes. Need help to terminate their rights so husband and I can adopt him. Father is a long haul truck driver. Pls advice on local help. I live in Oklahoma. Legal Aide does not have resources for adoption

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