Domestic adoption agency reviews: 3 agencies with little or no upfront costs


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One of the biggest decisions when starting the domestic infant adoption process is selecting an adoption professional to help you. There are hundreds to choose from and it can take hours to get the information you need to make a good decision for your family.

Finances are a huge factor when selecting an adoption agency to help you. The following three adoption agencies have little or no upfront fees so I invite you to check them out for yourself. As with any adoption agency, make sure you ask lots of questions and you feel good about working with them.

1. Heart to Heart Adoptions

This not-for-profit adoption agency was founded in 1998 and is based in Utah. They specialize in domestic infant adoption. Even though they are licensed in Utah, Florida, and New York, they work with families from all over the United States.

There is minimal application fee and all fees paid to the agency will roll info a new situation if the placement fails. They do summarize their fees in the section “answers to your common questions” for hopeful adoptive parents.

They will discuss your adoption budget with you before you start working with them, so you can let them know the level of fees you are comfortable with.

They will discuss all fees associated with each particular situation with you before they show your profile to any potential match situations.

Check out their frequently asked questions to find out more.

They accept home studies from other qualified agencies, so you don’t have to get your home study completed through them. They also have a blog where you can follow them. Here are some reviews to read about Heart to Heart Adoptions.  

2. Creating Christian Families and Mother Goose Adoptions

This agency is licensed in Arizona, Florida and Utah. They have a low application fee and no other upfront fees. You pay their agency fee only when you are successfully matched with an expectant mother. They offer a Full Service program and a Special Beginnings program.

The Full Service Program runs an extensive national advertising initiative to help identify pregnant women seeking to make an adoption plan for their unborn child. In this program, they assist with the location and coordination of your adoption plan.

The Full Service program fee includes, but is not limited to the following services:

  • Review of home study
  • Counseling (limited), support and education to our families
  • Obtaining and reviewing proof of pregnancy, social/medical background information and medical records
  • Notification to hospital regarding adoption plan and inquiry on hospital policies
  • Identification of an attorney or agency local to birth family for execution of legal documents
  • Coordination of legal plan ( see addendum to schedule of fees for details on these services)

Please note an entire fee package that covers the agency fee, as well as the anticipated legal and other cost, will be presented at time of match.

The Special Beginnings program is designed to help obtain families for harder to place children. This program gives you all the services from the Full Service program but families are granted 50% off the agency fee to offset cost

As of this writing, their full service program is $23,000. You can review their adoption process, read FAQs and their About Us page on their site.  

You can read a review by clicking here.  

3. Little Bit Of Heaven Adoptions

This is a licensed referral adoption agency based out of Ohio, which means they generally refer you to other agencies and adoption attorneys across the United States.  This can help you find a match with a birthmother faster.

Betty Smith is the founder and an adoptive mom.  Little Bit Of Heaven has received many positive reviews from adoptive couples that have worked with her.

The application fee is currently $500. As stated on their FAQ page, the costs can vary widely, so please contact them to get find out their current fees.  

As with any agency you may potentially work with, please carefully review their contract to understand how they work before you sign on with them.  

You should also look them up on the Better Business Bureau, or or as well as checking their state licensing since every state’s adoption laws are different.

Here are some more great articles and podcasts about choosing an adoption agency.

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  1. Yes, agencies with low or no upfront fees are important to me.

    I live in Iowa-does this automatically rule out Abbey’s One True Gift, Inc.? This question may sound obvious …

    Would Abbey’s then be too difficult to work with? Would you still recommend Abbey’s for someone who lives in Iowa? Did Iowa succeed in revoking their license? Would the risk be worth it?

    Sounds like I should steer clear of this agency.

  2. Tim says:

    While I am not sure if Iowa succeeded in revoking Abbey’s adoption license, it may be too risky to work with them as there are so many other good agencies to work with that have low upfront fees or have sliding scale fees based on your income. I wrote a post about agencies with sliding scale fees:
    Thank you for your questions – I hope this info helps you.

  3. LIzz says:

    I would definitely avoid lds family services ( aka It;s about love.)
    My daughter was in a stressful place, under much duress and called this agency to adopt out her son.She had gone to visit her fiance’s family in Oklahoma and they were not whom she thought they were and it cause her much much stress. She was given no counseling by lds family services and they were even told that their baby is Native American. She contacted them less than 2 weeks before her baby was due. The couple that adopted him were already adopting another child three weeks later. This seems a little baby hungry to me. She kept both babies. My daughter was given no counseling. What makes it even worse is that she already had a son with her fiance and they were actually married a few weeks after the baby was born. She has been living with the guilt for 5 years now. This young man will someday ask why did you give me way and keep my brother and sister. She had just turned 18 when this happened. The LDS church’s own philosophy is that adopting out a baby is after there is no chance the couple will be married. They already knew they were going to get married. They were struggling with basic needs and his family took all his money for their needs leaving my daughter and her family in need. What should have been done was to help this young family instead of stealing their baby.

  4. Misty says:

    We have a family friend’s daughter who would like us to adopt her baby. Is there a way to file ourselves? Any guides to the paperwork involved?

  5. Tim says:

    Hi, Misty. Sounds like you have a great situation. The best advice I can give you is to contact a local adoption attorney, since you will need one to complete the necessary paperwork. You can find a local adoption attorney here:
    Also, you didn’t say if you had already completed a home study. Every state requires this of an adoptive family, so you can find where to get that process completed by going to
    I have some resources about the adoption home study on the InfantAdoptionGuide blog and podcast too.

    Hope this all helps! Congrats!

  6. Anonymous says:

    I want to Foster a new born baby. I cannot Afford Adoption Is there Any Hope For Me. I’m on a Fixed Income But That Doesn’t mean I Cannot Care For A Baby I Can. I have Everything I Need For A Baby. Just Not A Baby. Please Find It In Your Heart To Help Me Give An Angel A For-Ever Home. Thanks And GOD BLESS

  7. Anonymous says:

    MY NAME Is Angela I Live In Georgia.

  8. Kim says:

    I am having a very hard time in DE with the legal end of my adoption. The birth mother and I have known each other for 5 years and don’t need to be matched but we just need legal aid. DE makes you go through an adoption agency but there are so many fees that don’t apply to our situation at home. Any advice?

  9. Tim says:

    Hi, Kim
    You are in a unique situation for sure. I’m not sure about the laws in your state, but it sounds like you know them. If you haven’t already done so, I would contact a good adoption attorney that lives close to you and knows the laws in your state. The best place to find one is at
    My wife and I ran into a situation similar where the placing state required we have an adoption agency even though we were doing an independent adoption. In our case, the attorney in the placing state and our attorney talked it through and we had no option but to pay the agency fees.
    I hope you find a way around having to pay the agency fees. Thanks,

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